Nestled in the hills of Snowdonia, you will find many Welsh farmers producing the UK’s best prime lamb and beef, but here in Caernarfon - our farm has a major point of difference from the rest: we breed Wagyu, known for its incredible marbling as nature intended. 


We care passionately for both welfare, environment and farming sustainably with low input is important to us.


Mixed farms that use ruminants to turn grass into food and improve soil structure are becoming recognised as being at the forefront of sustainable farming. Using animals to turn grasses into meat and help build nutrient levels in the soil means we can minimise artificial fertiliser use and maximise local quality food production.


* What we mean by *low input:


We practice minimum tillage preferring to “stitch in” grass seed where possible


Suckler herd (we breed our own Wagyu calves rather than buy in)


80% grass fed from our permanent pasture (soil not good enough to grow anything else) and herbal leys (soil improving, nitrogen fixing)


20% fed bi-products of human food production - a sustainable source of energy (Brewers grain)


Paddock grazed - cattle are moved around the farm eating grass, trampling it in and fertilising the soil as they go which encourages optimum grass production and carbon capture


Winter farmyard manure is composted over the summer and spread on the soil to minimise artificial inputs


We work with a local abattoir, local butcher and supply local customers



Localism and Independence is key to maintaining sustainability and supporting our local economy. We are committed to building a healthy and sustainable business at Plas Bodaden.


Our Wagyu herd is interacted and cared for daily by both of us - Slow, steady and stress free.


For us breeding our Wagyu is about quality not quantity.





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