Inspire by Sbarduno was created by Awen Ashworth in 2019 with the main aim of transferring her knowledge, educational and industrial skills to young people of all ages, and to inspire them to consider a career within STEM, but also to develop an interest in Science.


One of her main priorities is to work in partnership with other businesses and providers to promote the key messages within education, be that through STEM, wellbeing or Key Skills.


There’s no doubt that there’s a shortage of young women within Science and rather than seeing this as an obstacle, it’s further sparked Awen’s interest in the area. It’s an exciting field, and Awen has worked with many brilliant females within industry and also within education, who teach the Science subjects.


There are three strands to Inspire by Sbarduno, which are Workshops, Academy and Training.


Workshops – Scientific and practical activities, which are suitable for all ages, be that from the Foundation Stage to adults.

For schools, they are simple, fun and educational experiments which have been created to meet the needs of the Curriculum, with particular attention given to their relevance to the Curriculum for Wales learning strands. They’re suitable for up to 30 pupils.


Due to the current situation with Covid-19, the workshops have been adapted to provide online provision for schools, allowing them to participate in up to 3 simple and fun experiments, by following Awen either via Microsoft Teams or Google Meet. There’s a wide range of workshops to choose from, which gives the pupils the opportunity to participate in experiments, have fun and to learn at the same time.


Young peoples’ wellbeing during this difficult period is of importance to Awen, and therefore the emphasis on ‘fun’ during the experiments is important. It allows Awen to continue to work with the young people, to inspire them and raise awareness of the Science world, by showing them that Science can be fun, whatever your age.


From September onwards, Inspire by Sbarduno will also offer face-to-face workshops to schools across Wales. These will be full day sessions for up to 30 pupils, and they will have the opportunity to wear laboratory coats during the workshop and feel like Scientists for the day.


The experiments and work that Awen does with the pupils shows them to link between Science and the world around them, everyday of their lives. Through these experiences, children can see and prove practically that Science is interesting and also relevant to everything in the World.


Awen feels that it’s really important to inspire children, and through the delivery of these experiments and work, other important skills are also developed, such as problem solving, teamwork, independent working and the development of motor skills.


These Workshops can be tailored to meet your needs, for example for schools, families, parties, skills sessions / teamwork sessions in the workplace.


Academy - these are Maths support sessions for Primary and Secondary pupils which are held once a week in Bethel. They’re delivered by experienced and enthusiastic teachers during the school term and after school hours. They focus on developing the pupils’ confidence within Maths.


Training – sessions based on Science, which introduces simple experiments that can be done with children in a nursery or at school. They can be created to meet your needs. They’ve been designed to meet the needs of the current Curriculum and the Curriculum for Wales, which will become statutory from September 2022.


Inspire by Sbarduno now has a website – – which includes all the up-to-date news and developments, photos from previous sessions and information about the workshops and current provision.


For further information, prices, availability or to book a session, please contact





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