Eldeg studied Surface Pattern and Textile Design at Leeds Arts University and this is where her passion for print and pattern began. 

Eldeg is a versatile hands-on designer and loves to push boundaries to achieve a playful modern design. Colour is an important aspect of her work where she uses it to help structure her designs.

Her intricate prints are created through carrying out detailed, multi-layered drawings. These are then screen printed by hand or digitally printed. Combining handcrafted and digital work helps her to create innovative and unique designs.

Her Welsh upbringing on Anglesey is a large inspiration to her work - the language, nature and the countryside. She is proud of her roots and enjoys creating designs that reflect Welsh culture.

Eldeg sees patterns in everything and is inspired by marks and shapes on all sorts of objects and structures.

She started designing and printing her own patterns on various products and now she’s set up DyLun10 to share them with you!





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