Who doesn’t love jewellery?! And here on smallbusinesses.wales we have a number of wonderful jewellery makers from various corners of Wales. Here’s an overview of our extremely talented members.

Lora Wyn

Lora creates contemporary, fun, delicate and easy to wear handmade enamel jewellery. Each piece is individually hand cut with a piercing saw leaving no two pieces the same. Each piece is kiln fired separately; so each firing will give a different effect to the enamel. The enamelled pieces are then cleaned before Lora’s handmade sterling silver earwires, jump rings and clasps are added to complete the jewellery. She recently celebrated 10 years in business and Lora’s latest collection sees her love of Halloween translated into jewellery with the Hocus Pocus collection. Her jewellery can be purchased from her website or from various small shops throughout North Wales. Photo credit @simcowithax

Cwt Clai

Behind Cwt Clai is Catrin Lewis, and Catrin is based in Cardiff. Cwt Clai was born in October 2020 during lockdown as Catrin enjoys being creative and always and forever buying jewellery, and so the business was born. Cwt Clai’s jewellery is made using polymer clay and can be brought through her shop on Etsy.

Gemwaith Vicky Jones

Vicky makes most of her jewellery from sterling silver and brass, and all of her designs have some surface texture which she adds either by stamping, hammering or embossing into the metal. By her own admission, she’s never been very good at drawing so most new ideas evolve from experiments with metal scraps until she creates something she’s happy with. You can order through Vicky’s website.

Gemwaith Wyn Jewellery

Lowri’s creativity has been guided in part by her own small flock of rare breed Devon and Cornwall Longwool sheep that she had been raising for a few years on the family farm. By combining her two passions – making jewellery and her small flock of sheep – she creates unique, personalised collections of handmade jewellery using silver and other traditional materials and an attention drawing integration of dyed wool from her own flock. Lowri also has a shop in the heart of Conwy that sells her own jewellery as well as an every varying selection of handmade jewellery from other designers along with products such as Welsh and English cards, unique gifts and homeware that are mostly made in Wales.

Gemwaith Elisa Jewellery

Based in Pen Llŷn, Laura Elisa is a self-taught jeweller who designs and makes handmade enamel, copper and sterling silver jewellery. She creates pieces based on Wales and the Welsh language, incorporating words and quotes into her work. Laura also creates meaningful personalised jewellery and unique patterned pieces: she enjoys experimenting with different techniques and colours. You can order her pieces through her Etsy shop or by sending a direct message/email.

Gemwaith gan Anest

Anest is based in Cardiff, and designs and makes jewellery out of polymer clay. She sells her jewellery through her shop on Etsy.

Stiwdio Mwclai

Ffion Gruffudd designs and creates colourful and lightweight polymer clay earrings. Stiwdio Mwclai was established in early 2017 and is based in Cardiff. You can purchase Stiwdio Mwclai’s colourful earrings through the Etsy shop.