We asked the busnesaubach.cymru team to curate a Christmas gift guide based on the businesses that are members of busnesaubach.cymru and can be found on the website – here are Erin’s choices!



Anna Gwenllian – Blodeuwedd Print

I’ve been a big fan of Anna Gwenllian’s work since I discovered her some years ago. Her picture of Ynys Llanddwyn is up on the wall in my new home in Caernarfon. Here is another picture that deserves a place in my home – a picture of Blodeuwedd. I’m fascinated by the colours in this print, so alert and vibrant.


Gola – Retro lamp

I’m a believer that retro products have a big potential in modern houses. The patterns and colours of this lamp are entertaining and engaging, and the traditional oak is striking in contrast.


Bagiau Becci

For me, there’s nothing better than a real leather bag. I really like this bag – it’s simple, but still shows great workmanship. I take my cap off to Becci, who makes all the bags by hand. It’s a bag that would go with any item of clothing, and I think this factor is a big part of the appeal.


El.Diplay blocks

I’m from a large family, and most of my cousins are young children. That is why I believe that these play blocks would make a perfect Christmas present for the young ones. The colours are rich, they are safe to use, and the idea behind them is lovely.


Stiwdio Mwclai – Earrings

Everyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of statement earrings! I’ve bought Mwclai Studio products several times before and I am always pleased. I really like the strong colours in these earrings, they are funky and smart at the same time.



Elysteg – Snowdonia Print

The orange in this print immediately fascinates me! I like this style – it’s simple, but at the same time showing remarkable talent. There are many other prints in the collection as well, from Cadair Idris to Llyn Brenig, and so much more.


Cylchgrawn Cara Magazine

I’m an avid reader, but I always struggle to find a magazine that suits me. But, I can honestly say that with Cara, I’m always pleased. A magazine for women, by women. It’s extremely entertaining, all-encompassing and you learn so many new things with each issue.


Naturiol Collective – Mug

One of my favourite thing to do is collect pretty mugs. I’m looking at my mug shelf now and I see the lovely collection I’ve collected over the years. And of course, I’m always looking for new ones to join the bunch! I love the blue turquoise on this mug, it reminds me of the sea before a storm, but there’s something warm about the colours at the same time.


Ceini Spiller – Lovespoon

I think these designs are completely original and attractive. They are so carefully crafted, and the elegance of the spoon is worthy of praise. Each spoon is different, which adds to their value.



So that’s my Christmas list! Remember to share your Christmas presents with us, and don’t forget to include the hashtag #busnesaubachcymru and #doligbach!