Hands up if you always struggle to find a gift for a newborn, a Christmas present or a birthday present for a baby or a little child? Something practical yet stylish and cute? Well, no worries, you’re in the right place! There’s an endless list of members of Busnesau Bach.Cymru who make and sell unique and stylish gifts of the highest standards for babies and small children. A print or a unique decoration for the nursery? Wooden toys? Colourful clothing? Educational Welsh language toys?

From vibrant clothing to a dinosaur print, a handsewn quilt or clothing, a toy that sings Welsh lullabies to a Welsh Abacus, the choice is yours here on Busnesau Bach.Cymru.


Pegiau Pert– Manon creates lots of resources for children- toys and educational. They also create resources for children’s bedrooms such as name pegs. You can order via Etsy.


Hen Betha Newydd- Hen Betha Newydd offers new clothes (and more) made from old clothes, fabric and scrap pieces. Designed and sewn by Llio in Anglesey under the watchful eye of the main designer, Llio’s 3yo son. Clothes are readily available in sizes 1-5yo, get in touch for orders up to 12years. You can order via Etsy.



shnwcs– shnwcs specialises in creating Welsh gifts for the little one. Sara got the idea of starting the business whilst on maternity leave in 2015 whilst trying to find Welsh language milestone cards for her little boy, Steffan. The cards were a huge success across Wales with Welsh and English speaking families alike, and by now shnwcs has expanded to selling prints, cupboard cards, baby shower products and more. You can order via Etsy.



Cartref Clyd–  We are a small business from Llanrug that’s been running for ten years. Unique Welsh clothing and home accessories. You can order via the website.


Si Lwli- Our mission is to promote the Welsh Language in your homes by creating fun and engaging toys which become a regular part of your family’s daily life, and so normalising the language for your children. The aim of the toys is to “Learn Through Play”, and it seems to be working! Children throughout Wales and further afield are obsessed with our toys. You can order via the website.


Sili Bili- We’re a Welsh company, established in 2008, offering clothes and gifts for babies and children with attitude! Our aim is to create cool, fashionable and fun t-shirts, hoodies, babygrows, hats and bibs for the modern baby. Our products combine distinctive graphics, witty designs and quality materials. You can order via the website.



Ani-bendod– felt pieces, prints and jumpers! You can order via Etsy.




Walia Bach– Welsh prints and banners. You can order via Etsy.



  Cwilt Siw– Handmade bespoke fabric gifts made in Anglesey. You can order via the website.


Mwnci– We produce attractive, eco-friendly Welsh language gifts that are aimed at both native speakers and learners alike, playing a small part to keeping Wales a truly bilingual nation. You can order via the website.




Weiren Wire– Wire names, signs and words wrapped in hand knitted cord. You can order via Instagram @weiren_wire



El·Di– Leah designs and paints unique wooden toy blocks from her kitchen table in Cardiff. She made her first set for her son’s first Christmas in 2017, and now Albi (4) has the job of naming each colourway! You can order via Instagram @el.di__



So there we are! 12 small independent businesses from across Wales that sell unique and gorgeous gifts for babies and children. Plenty of choice for you to buy for any occasion and the perfect timing just before the Christmas rush! Enjoy the browsing!